Your Broken Hero

Matt Cutshall has amassed a loyal following of millions of fans who recognize him for his comedy videos and original music. His Emo’s Not Dead project has taken on a massive role in supporting the emo and pop punk music scene by featuring classic emo tracks in his viral video series called felt emo might delete. Recognized by his fans as a hero who is “bringing emo back", Matt has been supported by celebrities such as Tony Hawk and the Twilight cast who have also been featured in his series. In 2022, Cutshall successfully launched the Emo’s Not Dead Cruise in partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line, which features the most iconic bands in the genre such as Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, Underoath, Yellowcard and more. Matt also releases original music under the artist name Your Broken Hero which has charted #10 on Youtube Music the first week of release. He is currently in the studio completing the debut album which is set to release this Summer.